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Booklist Project

The goal of this project is to serve as a resource to the wider educational community by preparing helpful culturally and linguistically relevant booklists for classroom teachers serving ELLs. The booklists were developed by M.Ed. TESL and M.Ed. in Reading students at Rhode Island College as part of a class on Reading and Writing for ESL students. Students were directed to conduct research and prepare either an Author Study, Culture-Specific, Themed Wordless Picture Book (with culturally diverse authors) or a Themed Science Topic List (with culturally diverse authors).

Each book included in a book list will have the following components*:
The title in APA format and ISBN Number.

The literacy/proficiency level, age/grade-level span for which the book would be ideal/appropriate.

Each book is correlated to WIDA or RI Adult ESL proficiency levels.

A brief description of the book summarizing the story and explaining why it would make a good story for ELLs (what would make it relevant to ELLs).

Technology-based materials related to the book (audio books/video versions of books/computer based and Internet resources that promote reading and writing around the books listed).

the formats in which the book is available (bilingual or native language version, print, recorded book, Reading Rainbow book, CD-Rom, Living Books, Google books, e-books, etc.).

Links to any on-line resources for classroom teachers (including for teachers that are designed for the book lesson plans, guides, or official author websites).

* Some books may not have all these components and some may have more.

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