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RITELL Nominations & Elections

RITELL Nominations and Elections Procedures

Spring, 2016

Rhode Island Teachers of English Language Learners (RITELL) is Rhode Island’s Professional Association for teachers of English Language Learners. RITELL’s mission is to develop, maintain and promote professional expertise in English language teaching for speakers of other languages by determining the professional development and advocacy needs of teachers serving English Language Learners in Early Childhood, Elementary, Secondary, Adult, Workplace and Higher Education Programs in Rhode Island.

RITELL is a non-profit organization organized for the following purposes:

  1. To develop, maintain, and promote professional expertise, research and scholarship in English language teaching and learning for speakers of other languages in Rhode Island.
  2. To work cooperatively toward the improvement of instruction in all programs which seek to provide English Language Learners an opportunity to acquire English language proficiency;
  3. To disseminate information, and provide direction and support to its membership in promoting excellence in the teaching of English to speakers of other languages;
  4. To encourage informed participation, advocacy and leadership at the local and state levels regarding the education of English Language Learners in Rhode Island;
  5. To promote intercultural understanding and effective cross-cultural communication and the valuing of the native languages and cultures of the learners and their families;
  6. To cooperate in appropriate ways with other groups having similar concerns (e.g. MATSOL, TESOL)

RITELL is governed by a Coordinating Council/Board of Directors. The Coordinating Council/Board of Directors of RITELL consists of 8-11 members. Candidates are invited to run for the Coordinating Council/Board of Directors and be elected by the general membership.

From among those elected to the Board of Directors or Coordinating Council of RITELL, and by a majority vote of the elected Board of Directors, officers will be named to the following offices: President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Membership Secretary, Treasurer, Advocacy Representative, Editor, and a Representative at Large. The Board can add additional positions as needed, up to 11 members total to insure proper management of the association.

Therefore, while the Coordinating Council/Board of Directors is elected, those elected for service will be later assigned to roles or offices on the board by a majority vote of the elected Board of Directors. This is to insure that each person serving in a particular position on the Coordinating Council/Board of Directors has the skills needed to perform their primary duties. All members of the Coordinating Council/Board of Directors will work together to achieve the association’s mission and goals. Thus, our leadership structure is conceptualized as a team rather than a hierarchical structure of elected officers. This structure has been working for our inception, and we believe it is the best way for the association to be governed.

The term of office for Board of Directors/Coordinating Council members is three years with the possibility of one renewal for an additional three years.

The Board of Directors/Coordinating Council jointly plans all conferences

and events for the association. In addition to the offering of professional development events, they are also charged with the routine maintenance of the association. In addition, the Board shall meet at least quarterly throughout the year to direct the routine work of the association and to control its funds. For these quarterly meetings, a quorum consisting of half plus one members of the Board must be present for all voting purposes.


The Board of Directors/Coordinating Council is elected from the general membership in the following manner: A slate will be prepared by the Coordinating Council prior to the Spring meeting of the people interested in filling Board of Directors/Coordinating Council positions. All members nominated to serve on the Board must be paid members of RITELL. Members may nominate themselves or someone else, provided they insure that the person they nominate is a member of RITELL and willing to run.

Nominees must prepare a statement of intent to run for the board of no more than 200 words, outlining why they wish to serve on the Coordinating Council and their commitment to fulfilling their three-year term. In this statement, they can outline the skills they bring to the Council so that members may know their experience for service on the Council. Nominees should also review the duties of all positions on the Coordinating Council so that they can insure that they are qualified and prepared to serve on the Council. It is ideal for a candidate running for Coordinating Council to be willing to serve in any role for which they have the skill set to serve the association well.

In order to meet the requirements of TESOL affiliates, at least two members of the board, in addition to the President, must be members of TESOL. Therefore, all nominees should be advised of these requirements prior to submitting their name for consideration.

Election Procedures

The slate of nominees will be sent to members no less than 10 days in advance of the spring meeting. It will include the written statements of all qualified nominees (i.e. members of RITELL). This is to allow for a ballot to be prepared for the spring meeting. The ballot will include the name of each nominee, in alphabetical order, along with their statement of intent.

Voting will take place at the meeting. All members are urged to attend and participate in the voting. Each member is entitled to one ballot. If a member cannot attend the meeting, but wishes to vote, an electronic ballot will be sent to them in advance of the meeting. This vote will also be counted at the meeting, provided it is submitted 5 days in advance of the spring meeting.

In case of a tie, a run-off election will be held at the annual meeting prior to announcing the election results.

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